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Oliver Louw
Oliver Louw Director

We are not recruiters.

We are entrepreneurs

To all of our benefit

The Black Label


Communities; places where there’s a lot happening. For us that means a curated platform where we bring together innovation managers and IT professionals to share knowledge and help each other when it comes to successful innovation in the bridge between IT and Business. A place to test ideas for development of our software platform. A channel to share entrepreneurial opportunities with our members.

Due to this interest and knowledge of innovation, Top talent from our community can bring that little bit extra to our clients.

of today’s innovation projects have a strong IT component

of IT professionals have ideas that can help their current company

of our members feel that the topics in our community help them to bridge the gap between business and IT

Better together

Cooperative of Entrepreneurs

To disrupt the recruitment game we created a unique melting pot of people and knowledge. Combining our backgrounds in entrepreneurship, innovation consultancy, software development, venture capital and recruitment – to create the company we now know as Bigger Brain Co.

Aiming to only work with the best in the game, being an entrepreneur in the (recruitment) matching business is our natural filter for having the right team of people who are the best at their job, love it, and in it with each other for the long-run.

Fact: practically all candidates we work with say we have a head start over traditional recruitment constants, because working with entrepreneurs is perceived as being engaging (and cool)!

Human matching with a machine touch

The Bigger Brain Platform

Better, faster, and more secure; the next step in recruitment is the joint effort between artificial- and human intelligence. So we build a platform to combine the best of both worlds. Our platform enables us to drive spot-on matches – using real time data and algorithms to give insights on trends and movements and provide us all the information from our markets.

Put this platform in the hands of an experienced entrepreneur and making spot-on matches and meaningful connection to candidates, goes four times faster than traditional recruitment processes.

Unique Access

We don’t fish in the same pond

We cultivate our own

We aim to make a professional’s experience to find new challenges – be that a job or a project – a premium one. Doing so, using our A.I. driven platform for spot-on matching, communicating at the right tone and cultivating our own “Black Label” community, enables us to develop long lasting relationships with top talent. This means we have access to a group of unique talent no other recruitment agency has.

Of top talent gets irrelevant job propositions every week

Of top talent has left Linkedin to receive job positions

Of top talent prefers a premium experience instead of only using Linkedin or mail as a platform for new jobs

As entrepreneurs...
we KNOW the importance of finding that driving force for

elevating your


You want the crème de la crème, the top of the shelf, right?

There are recruitment consultants that pump around CVs and send applicants over by the dozens, but very few emerge with that diamond in the rough… We know.

Our mission is to provide the right wo(man) for the job, to help organisations build the right teams to grow and innovate.

Some facts...

Recruiting a bad hire can cost
up to € 120,000

Your time and your team’s resources to manage poorly matching candidates and irrelevant CV's, easily adds up to 40 hours wasted per month

Not finding the right person to elevate
your business can cost up to € 500 a day
in missed business value


As a growing business

the only way is

You want to grow your business and innovate. But are you growing without growing pains?

Finding the right people to help you achieve your goals and scale up ain’t easy. And any successful enterprise, always starts with having the right people.

We provide you with access to an exclusive pool of passive job seekers.