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Oliver Louw
Oliver Louw Director
Our style

Humans thriving

Our entrepreneurial DNA translates to an approach of people first, people second, people third – that means freedom, flexibility, true upside to build something great, reasonable hours, holidays, parental leave, pay, and the support you need, everywhere in the world.


In addition to team work, we play, learn, share, travel, and eat together, too. Regular dinners, bi-annual trips, remote working, passion projects, and random fun.

Our vision is that doing business should be engaging, challenging our capabilities so that we grow and add serious value for everyone involved. We’re in it for the long run and see long term relationships as the very foundation of every decision we will make.

What you’ll bring:

Exceptional proactive competence and a team player spirit

Ability to create business, and to make things happen; 2+ years of successful business in recruitment or sales

Readiness to be responsible for your work, development, and personal development path. Don’t worry: we’ll have your back in whatever you want to achieve, but the end goal is yours to define

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What we can offer you

  1. Entrepreneurial upside and the chance to be part of a movement aiming to build something great
  2. Freedom and flexibility to work anywhere
  3. No politics, no micro-management, no crap
  4. Coaching on how to become an entrepreneur
  5. Co-invest with members of the cooperative (build passive income streams)
  6. The support to build the style of living you envision
Our values

We value relationships for the longterm, enabling each other to thrive


We help you to become a successful entrepreneur and provide you with a platform to be proactive and build your own business.


The concept of a boss or hierarchy is something we don’t believe in. However we do believe in people who stand up to coach their team and each other them to get the best out of themselves.

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We welcome diverse and driven talent, friends to grow our community of entrepreneurs. Our community and culture are the most important assets we have. Will you enable us to make them even better? Let’s chat!